How to Find the Right Job: Part I


During the job seeking process, we have always wondered what the best way to find a good, well-paid and full-of-benefits job is. While we are at it, we will find tons of staffing agencies, thousands of job boards, millions of companies. So, how do I find the right job? There is no right answer to that question because there are just different ways to get to the same objective, so let’s start by explaining how each of these paths works and that way you can choose the right one for you. Letâ...

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Business Networking 101


We have seen the word a million times in articles, magazines, blogs, even Facebook, but it is very likely we do not have the slightest idea of what “Networking” actually means. We might relate it directly to Facebook and we definitely know it is an important tool when it comes to doing business. But, do we know its actual objective? Networking can be defined as the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions, and it specifically refers to the cultivation of...

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Neuvoo, the largest Canadian job source with 300,000 openings, adds LinkedIn Vertical Lead Director as Sales Director Canada


Montreal – June 1st 2016 – There are big changes happening at Neuvoo, Canada’s largest job aggregator, as it continues helping employers find the lowest cost per hire and job seekers the most complete listings anywhere on the web. The Neuvoo team is excited to welcome Real Mahadeo, former Vertical Lead Director at Linkedin Marketing Solutions Canada. With over a decade of sales experience, Real is the perfect complement to Neuvoo’s rapid growth as it heads towards becoming the world’...

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Five Questions to Understand Technology Recruitment Providers in 2015


Interview with Lucas Martinez, Co-founder of Neuvoo It’s a job aggregator jungle out there. Can you let us know what is going on? To understand the job aggregator market, we need to differentiate between two types of aggregators. The first type is a lifestyle business and most of the time a one man show: where a single individual doesn’t crawl but gets an API with jobs in a particular area, gets remunerated with every single click and makes sure to stuff as much Google AdSens...

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Neuvoo Raises $500,000 for International Expansion of Job Aggregator


Canadian job aggregator Neuvoo, has raised a second round of financing of $500,000. The four year-old Montreal based startup will use this round to expand globally as well as for research and development. To date Neuvoo has been available in Canada and the US as well as Switzerland and France and according to co-founder Lucas Martinez they now have the fuel for expansion. “2015 will be the year of international expansion. The added funds will help us grow faster”, shared Martinez. Neuvoo...

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