Letting Your Employees Set Their Own Salary May Be the Best Business Decision of Your Life

Set your own salary

Living in the 21st century means changing the way you manage your company. 30 years ago, employees didn’t have a say on their compensation so you would never have heard someone complain about their salary. However, a few years ago, pioneering executives from Semco had the “crazy” idea of letting their workers choose a suitable amount for their salary. Although it was not popular at ...

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Practical Guide to Make your Employees Feel Like Family

Workforce like family

Running a company is not easy, but interacting with your team will make it a lot easier for you to deal with the hard work and keep your employees engaged. However, globalization has made "familiarity" challenging, and technology often takes the upper hand on face-to-face interaction. Working more than 40 hours a week means spending as much—if not more—time with your colleagues than with your o...

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The Bright Side of Micromanaging

Micromanaging 1

If you feel that your workplace is not exactly what you wish it would be or you constantly find yourself struggling to keep your boss out of your hair to actually get some work done, maybe you are being “micromanaged” without knowing it. How to identify a micromanager? You can easily spot them right away. They will pay extra attention to every detail of your job and struggle to delegate control going as far as

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The Fine Print of Active Candidates

Active candidates

If you have been following some of our latest posts, you know that we’ve talked quite a bit about sourcing, engaging, hiring and retaining passive job seekers. While this is all very useful, we also need to talk a bit about the other side of the coin, which would be active applicants. We all know the main difference between active and passive candidates: the first, are actively looking for a new job opportunity while the later, are not. This leads many employers and recruiters to believe that ...

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Why Being a Charismatic Leader Isn’t All that Good

charismatic leader

We’re always reading things about the difference between being a boss and a leader; how the first pushes their team to simply do their work while the other is more focused on making the team the best they can possibly be. Most of this material presents the leader figure as the good guy, charming, empathic, a visionary, and often quite charismatic. The Problem with Charisma However, being a charismatic leader is not always as good as it seems. People with natural charisma are usually p...

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