3 Simple Ways to Improve your Employer Branding

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Employer branding is more of a necessity rather than an option nowadays. All companies have an employer brand, even if they don’t realize it. Employees are the ones telling your brand’s story, and there’s not much you can do about it, aside from helping shape this story. So, whether or not your company has purposefully established an image as an employer, you’re already transmitting a positive or a negative message about what it’s like to work with you, which could make people want to join your team or repel them away.

But employer branding isn’t only about attracting talent, it is also a determining factor that influences employee loyalty, employee turnover, and even productivity. So, in order to improve your employer brand’s appeal and to stand out in a competitive marketplace, here are some tips that can help you take control of your company’s image and make it a positive one.

Put your Best Self Forward Using Social Media

In a hyper-connected world, social media has become one of the most effective channels to find information and reach people anywhere. The same way employers go through applicants’ information, job seekers research prospect employers before even applying for a job offer.

Having an active and consistent social media presence is an effective way to build and strengthen your company’s image. It will give you the chance to portray the kind of work environment your company provides to its employees, the opportunities you offer them for professional development, and the type of company culture that they can enjoy when working with you. Putting into practice the following strategies can help you boost your social media presence:

Use testimonials and visual resources. Social networks are a great tool to share employees’ testimonials about their experience at your organization and what it’s like to be part of your team. Along with digital imagery and videos, testimonials can help you promote the work employees do at your company and the initiatives they’re involved in.

This will not only allow you to show the world your workforce performance and development, but it will also truly reflect your corporate culture and enhance your brand’s credibility and reputation.

Run a blog with company updates and other useful content. Blogging is an effective and easy way to inform and educate your audience. Let your audience know you better by sharing periodic company updates with them. Save some room on the blog for practical information that addresses your audience’s interests and needs so as to position yourself as an expert in your industry

Take an interest in what people have to say about your business on social media platforms. Checking and promptly replying to all reviews and comments sent your way will help you convey a positive image and will give your audience a glimpse of what your core values are. On the contrary, leaving unanswered comments speaks poorly about your corporate culture and the type of treatment you give to employees and potential candidates.

Keep the Candidates in Mind

Providing candidates with a carefully designed recruitment process and a positive recruitment experience can work wonders for your brand. Make sure applicants and prospect hires experience a positive interaction with your company and its corporate culture from the very first contact to the very last.

Promptly responding to applications, setting interviews within a reasonable time length, and providing direct feedback to all applicants whether they make it through the next stage or not is key. This will allow candidates to have a taste of your company’s values and the way you treat your workforce.

Clearly detailing your job offer, having transparent job ads, and simplifying the application process are other ways to offer a better candidate experience to applicants. Having a simple and friendly platform where candidates can learn more about the jobs you offer and where they can easily complete job application forms will win you their favorable reviews and will make your company stand out from its competitors.

Make Your Employees Feel Involved

Encourage employees to spread the word about their experience working with you and incentivize them to share their stories as an employee and what your company's work culture is like. Creating a reward system can be a great way to motivate employees to tell the world what a great employer you are and to get them to point out potential hires in your direction.

Giving employees the opportunity to share their ideas and to take their insight into account is one way to motivate them to go the extra mile and to really commit to your company’s mission. It’s a win-win situation: they get the chance to further hone their skills and talents by taking part in different projects and new initiatives while you enhance your corporate culture and boost your employer’s image.

By combining a good social media strategy with a positive user experience and an effective corporate culture, you’ll be able to build a strong employer brand, which, as we know, will help you attract more candidates, motivate your workforce, and boost your company’s reputation.

Nany Indriago / NEUVOO
Content Marketing Strategist