How Using Chatbots Can Help You Get Ahead on Your Recruitment Process

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In past entries, we have talked about the importance of incorporating AI into your recruitment process so as to make it as efficient as it can possibly be. One of the most common arguments in favor of using AI is its ability to take care of a lot of the heavy lifting aspects of our jobs. Isn’t that the entire purpose of technology? To make our lives easier.

Today we want to discuss a new trend that has been growing steadily strong in the last years: chatbots. Maybe you’ve heard of them before, and you’ve probably have interacted with one, even without realizing it.

What’s a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a handy piece of technology designed to have conversations with its users. Their level of sophistication can vary from one to the next as well as the cost of using them.

It might be surprising to learn that chatbots have been around since the late 60s, but back then they were very crude. Ever since then, they have evolved and found their way into our daily lives. Chatbots are now used in websites of all kinds of companies to engage customers and answer frequently asked questions. Even Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant are considered chatbots!

For recruiters, Chatbots represent a way to increase efficiency and engagement during the initial stages of the recruitment process. They are most commonly used as part of the career section of a company’s website, and their main purpose is to help prospects with any questions or queries they might have regarding the positions available, requirements, or the overall process.

The Benefits of Using Chatbots

You may think that a human can do everything a chatbot can, and in some ways, you might be right, but not entirely. It’s true that when it comes to answering questions about the recruitment process a human can give the candidate all the answers they need, the thing is that in most cases, a human will only be able to hold a handful of conversations at a time. What happens when you have an opening for a position that would generate high traffic and a great number of applications? This is where chatbots come to the rescue; they can converse simultaneously with thousands of people without taking too long to answer, thus saving you precious time that can be used elsewhere.

Some chatbots are so advanced that they are able to help recruiters filter and screen candidates based on past job experiences, skills, or educational background by asking key questions to the candidate.

Some people might argue that implementing a chatbot takes out a substantial portion of the human touch that is crucial during the recruitment process, or that candidates will notice that they are not talking with an actual person and abandon the application. According to a study, 58% of candidates say that they are perfectly comfortable interacting with an AI or a Chatbot during some parts of the recruitment process. Furthermore, the same study suggests that 66% of candidates don’t mind having a chatbot schedule interviews.

The Downside of Using Chatbots

Sadly, not everything is perfect with chatbots, they do have some disadvantages. The biggest problem most of these programs face is their ability to understand casual language. Everybody writes in a different manner, some are more formal, and some prefer to use common expressions or slangs that a machine might not interpret accurately.

The standardization of language is one of the biggest challenges that chatbots developers have had to overcome. However, most recent AIs can learn new things and recognize idioms to have a more fluid conversation with the user.

The other major issue you might face with chatbots is that they often have a learning curve. They may not be able to solve every single problem that a candidate might have at first and so the user might eventually have to be referred to a human worker. But as we said before, these are sophisticated machines programmed to learn and that’s what they will do. You can also prepare and pre-program certain answers to some questions in order to accelerate its development.

Final Thoughts

Technology is meant to grow and evolve, it’s up to us to keep up the pace and stay up to date with the latest developments. Chatbots are one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your recruitment process, and they’re here to stay! It’s time to take the reins of the future and use all the advantages it brings to our favor.