Perfect Attendance: Taking Your Workforce Back to School

Employee training
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School supplies, books, and last-minute shopping. Oh, the hassle of back-to-school season: Parents become pros at managing time balancing work and personal life, fighting the dread of summertime sadness and still staying at the top of their game. Sure, when we think of this season it seems like it is all about the kids—but is it?

Actually, it is about your workforce too. Yes, the same that promotes and respects your organization’s culture, that bonds in the feeling of camaraderie, and the one that aims to build a long-lasting relationship in a positive work environment. And one of the best ways you can stimulate your workforce is by supporting and providing them with plenty of training opportunities for professional development.

‘Tis the season to keep growing! And employees love to keep growing so to make the best of it, we have made a compilation of ten different areas in which your employees can keep learning and developing by your side and benefit your organization at the same time.

1. Teamwork:
Not everything is about work, there is also space for developing social skills that reflect positively on your employees’ performance. Building a strong relationship among peers can increase the levels of productivity, reduce time and use of resources during problem-solving, promote a sense of purpose, trust and commitment . Team building activities are easy to organize and keep your workforce engaged and focused on common goals.

2. Stay safe:
Welcome to the workplace, where safety is our number one priority. From working in extreme weather conditions to the high risk of becoming a victim of a cybercrime, your entire organization is exposed to different hazards that can be prevented if your team is prepared. Staying up to date with this type of courses is (literally) vital and very easy to manage. Organizations like the National Security Council aim to ensure safety and prevent any harm or death at work, while others like the Department of Homeland Security can teach your workforce some ‘hacks’ that will keep unwanted business out of your system.

3. Positive actions bring positive results:
Train your workforce and reduce liability by fostering a comfortable, respectful, and safe work atmosphere through varied courses that give your team tips on how to prevent a toxic environment and eliminate any source of hostility or harassment that may affect productivity.

4. Graceful interactions are powerful:
Not every employee in your organization has a client-facing job, but communication is key in every relationship¬─ even at work. Using effective communication skills can affect the way your workforce interacts positively. Developing writing and verbal skills to communicate will back up the idea that it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

5. Data speaks louder than words:
Investing in data analytics skills is extremely important in every industry. Infinite figures and numbers are exchanged in the business market on a daily basis, but not everyone knows how to interpret them, which makes those who don’t resistant to them. Signing your workforce up for data analysis courses will allow them to interpret data, predict trends, improve their decision-making process, and increase general performance. You will be able to set clearer objectives, and your team will be able to understand you quicker, better and faster.

6. Keep up with technology:
Try to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments that are relevant to your industry. Keep your employees informed and give them access to the latest innovation that could make their work easier and increase their productivity levels. Invest in making your team the most capable and resourceful. Building a tech-savvy workforce doesn’t have to be a hassle, the first step you take can be as simple as signing them up for a free webinar or online course.

7. Project and time management:
There are many cases where tasks outnumber the hours in your workers’ schedule, so signing your team up for tips on how to make the best of their time, stay focused, be organized and use time wisely can be the key to success and lead to a highly productive supply chain.

8. Not bosses but leaders:
You should promote leadership skills outside the directors’ board. Being a leader is not a job title next to an employee’s name. It is the drive that pushes your organization through hardship and toward success. Invest in your entire workforce, so when the time arises you know you can count on any of your team to lead your organization to glory.

9. Diversity training:
Be inclusive. Talent has no label. Your organization should open up to cultural diversity and equality. This is especially important for your HR department, because being diverse will open a new world of possibilities when trying to find the perfect candidates. Teach them to explore varied backgrounds, experiences, expertise.

10. Regulatory compliance:
Your workforce needs to be aware not only of their duties but also of their responsibilities. This type of training is essential to understanding the codes, rules, and laws by which they abide. These regulations or principles are the tools available to your workforce to protect their rights in the workplace.

None of these skills are exclusive of any position and will be beneficial for the evolution and growth of your workforce. Moreover, the different ways this training can be offered makes them more appealing and interesting to your workforce. Whether it is a traditional lesson, personal mentoring, shadowing or cross-training, educate your employees and establish a professional development plan.

However, make sure to plan your employee development program in advance, not only when it’s urgent, in order to see the benefits of training your team. Finally, make sure to measure your success and keep track of your employees’ progress and goals. This will benefit the company and allow you to understand your team even more as you keep growing together.

Grace Cattini
Online Copy & Content Writer