10 Hacks to Fit in at Your New Job

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Everyone has been the “new guy” at the office at least once in their life, and there’s no doubt that it is one of the most challenging positions to be in. You’re not only handling a great deal of responsibilities that come with the new job, you’re also obligated to meet your new coworkers and get used to some of their behaviours in their daily routine at work. Moreover, you will have to deal with new superiors, which is usually not easy for everybody.

Starting at a new place is not something that will happen unexpectedly; hence, there are some things you can put into action before starting your new professional challenge. We have listed some recommendations for you to get ready for your big day in a new office:

• Take some time off: Before starting at a new job, use this time to internalize the actual change that is around the corner. Invest some time preparing a checklist with some basic questions you will need to ask on your first day.

• Do some research about the company: You probably already did some research when you were first called for the interview; however, once you become part of the staff, it is crucial to dig a little deeper. Understanding the business and getting to know the organizational structure and the main authorities will help you fit right in.

• Explore your surroundings: Bear in mind that punctuality is always a must; thus, in order to successfully make it on time, it might be necessary to get to know the area, especially if the new office is located in a completely different route from the one you usually take. You will need to identify where the parking lot is or the available options for transportation.

• Show your gratitude and interest: Contact the manager some days in advance to convey how motivated you are about this new experience. Ask if there is any manual you can review before your arrival.
On your first day, make sure you do the following:

• Dress for success: As the “new guy” in the office, most eyes will be on you, especially during your first day. Take some minutes the night before to choose a nice outfit that you love and that gives you confidence.

• Get to know your coworkers: Learning every single name by heart is an impossible task to do at once; however, you can start by identifying the faces you will interact with during the week during your business hours. Try some association techniques, so you know who will be directly involved in your daily tasks. Make an effort to socialize, getting along with your coworkers is very important since they are the ones who you will spend most of your time with, so show some interest in getting involved and, little by little, you will be capable of earning their trust and receptivity. Besides, they can give you some insights about how everything is done around the office.

• Become an observer: Every company has its own culture and, sometimes, their particular language. Pay attention to how your coworkers deal with the different tasks, the sort of writing they use in the different communications, etc.

• Soak in as much knowledge as you can: You have to be open to learn and adapt as quickly as possible, take notes, ask questions, volunteer, and cooperate with your coworkers in order to learn about their responsibilities.

• Take it easy: Adapting to your new environment and responsibilities is important, but take your time for those aspects that you find complex. Don’t rush your learning process, it is understandable when someone tends to be slower when trying something new.

• Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback: Starting at a new job is all about learning and adapting; therefore, seeking some orientation will be really helpful to reach your goal and to make a good impression. Make sure to ask your boss about the needs the company or your department have, so you can be on the same page regarding the expectations they have about your performance. Likewise, once the first week is over, you could ask for some feedback to determine if there is anything to be improved on your side.

Adjusting yourself to a new office is not complicated, the major part of it lies on your eagerness to assume this new experience and the attitude you take towards this new stage in your life.

Yajaira Martínez/NEUVOO
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