5 Questions You Should Ask During a Job Interview

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Anyone that has ever sat through a job interview knows that the questions asked are mostly one directional. The interviewer will ask the applicant a series of questions related to past experiences, educational background, and skills. And then comes the awkward part of the interview when the applicant is asked if they have any questions for the interviewer.

If you have ever been in this position, you know that it is not uncommon to go blank or doubt whether the questions you might have are pertinent or not. The first thing that comes to the mind for most of us is asking about the salary. This is completely understandable since, in most cases, money is the main reason for us to get a job. But whether or not you feel comfortable asking about your potential income, there are other things that may be just as important to know before accepting a job offer.

Here are five things you should always ask, given the chance, during a job interview to help you give the best possible impression of yourself and increase your chances of getting that dream job:

1.What skills are necessary to excel this job?

In most cases, an employer will specify the skills necessary to do this job in their offer, but by asking this, you’re giving a clear message that you want to know if you will be able to go that extra mile by asking how you can master this job.

Showing a pre-existing level of commitment and enthusiasm is a great way to establish an image of yourself in the eyes of your prospective employer. Let them know that you’re not just looking for a job, you’re looking for a career.

2.What responsibilities come with this job?

It almost goes without saying that you need to know what your main responsibilities will be. Chances are that the interviewer will give you an explanation of what your role will be if you get the job, but sometimes they are not quite thorough in their explanations. If you have any questions or didn’t understand something, don’t hesitate to ask.

Another way to phrase this question is to ask about a day in the life in this office. Ask the interviewer to describe the daily routine of the job that you’re applying for. It will help give you an idea of what it will be like if you get the job. Don’t shy away from asking as many questions as you have; it is important that you feel comfortable and you understand every aspect of the responsibilities you’re about to face.

3.What growth opportunities will I have?

Stagnation is like cancer for an employee. Nothing is less motivating than working in a dead-end job. Since you already established that you want a career, you should always ask about advancement opportunities. You’ll want to know what is it that your new employers are looking for and take into consideration when the time comes for a promotion; raw skill and a good attitude can only get you so far. In most cases, employees value commitment to the company, a continuous strive for learning and betterment, and the willingness to go that extra mile.

Many jobs will require employees to undergo special courses and training programs in order to qualify for a promotion. Ask if they facilitate these courses and programs and let them know that you’re willing to take them in order to climb the ladder to your career.

4.What do you like the most about this company?

Here’s where it gets a little personal, but if you feel that the mood of the interview has been light and friendly so far, there shouldn’t be a problem if you ask this. This is a good question to ask your interviewer because it will give you an insight from someone who is already inside. They will tell you from their own personal, and human, experience what they think of the company and what it’s like working there.

This has more to do with the human and social environment aspect of the company rather than just its perks. You can get a sense of the type of people who work there, if there are social activities that are not strictly work-related, or if the general ambiance of the company is good or bad.

5.Can I have a quick look around the office?

Before asking this, you should make sure that the interview is going well. There’s a lot of information you can obtain from this question, if the interviewer says yes, it means you’re doing great and you’re likely to get the job. Why else would they waste time and effort in showing you around if they’re not going to hire you? With a tour of the office, you can get an idea of what it’s like working there.

However, if the interviewer says no, don’t be discouraged, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not getting the job. Keep in mind that different companies may have policies that don’t allow unauthorized personnel inside their facilities.

Remember that a job interview is supposed to go both ways, you’re entitled to as many questions as the interviewer. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm, don’t be nervous, and think of it as a regular conversation, asking whatever question you feel is important or relevant to you.

Edu Rojas/NEUVOO
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