5 Steps to Work and Study at the Same Time

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Many people have the urge of working while they’re studying in order to be able to afford their education. However, it is important to have some ground rules defined in order to make this happen in the most efficient manner. By following these five easy steps, you won’t only be able to accomplish your goals, but you will also complete them effectively:

1. Sleep enough hours: According to the National Sleep Foundation, you should sleep approximately 7 to 9 hours every night. Even though it sounds hard due to the daily tasks a person with a job and a career must go through, if you manage to sleep enough hours, you will be able to perform your activities at your fullest.

2. Take advantage of your free time: Sometimes you will get some spare time from one class to another, don’t let that time go to waste, you could study for the next test you have or do some homework in the meantime.

3. Make your ends meet: This is probably the hardest rule to maintain, even harder for those who not only have to pay for their education, but also for their rent, food, and other basic needs. It is recommended to make a list of all of your current expenses and think whether they’re all necessary or not.

4. Make a schedule: Some people like having a routine, it helps a lot; especially in this kind of situation where you have a lot on your mind. This will also help you getting all set for the activities you’re going through for the next day, which will allow you to think the best way to do them.

5. Life is now: Many people think life starts once they finish their careers, get married, or move out from their parent’s house. They’re wrong; life starts as soon as we’re born.

Even though you’re going through one of the most stressful moments of your life, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, on the contrary, having some time to relax with your friends is very important to let things go and remember that you will eventually reach your goals.

Don’t forget what you’re there for. Your main goal is to graduate, even though you need to keep your job in order to pay the bills, it doesn’t mean that you should put aside your education over some extra activity your boss tells you to do.

Franklin Pinedo
Strategic Alliance Coordinator for US