6 Workplace Ideas to Boost your Efficiency

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Every professional working on an 8-hour schedule in an office environment knows how difficult it can be to focus and to be productive in a place where there is nothing but your computer, a monitor and people who are busy enough not to start a conversation. Boring workplaces may be the cause for someone’s creativity block, lack of inspiration, productivity decrease and loss of focus.

There are plenty of articles on how important it is to take a break of at least 10 minutes, in order to stretch and to get a rest from the computer, and even though this is effective, the ambiance that surrounds you has to be taken care of as well. Your work environment should be enjoyable, so you can feel you are working in an effortless manner.

Tailor your space without colliding with the image of the brand or company you work for, it is a matter of keeping it simple and not cluttering your desk.

Here are some ideas that are guaranteed to help you boost your productivity:

1. Ergonomics matter. Being comfortable is not optional. In order to be capable to focus, you need to make sure that your workplace is organized in a friendly manner and that every item is within an easy reach.

Take your time to rearrange the distribution of your equipment, adjust the height of your chair and your computer monitor. Keep in mind that your thighs should be in a parallel position, while your upper arms should be perpendicular to the floor.

2. Clean your desk. A workplace filled with lots of paperwork and a pile of sticky notes may lead you to feel overwhelmed. Experts suggest you digitize the documents you need, using tools like online project managers to help you organize your to-do lists and say goodbye to the post-its that tend to invade your space.

This also applies to your computer; classify your files and develop a pattern to create folders per category, date or any relevant aspect to consider, in order to be able to easily find the information you need faster.

3. Personalize your environment. It can be by filling your desk with different items that represent something for you, like cute ornaments or picture frames. Even minimalists need a little something to bright things up.

Perhaps it is not allowed to change the colour of your office, but you can select something that is pleasant to your eye in a colour that makes your inspiration flow or that enhances your productivity.

Take a look at the effects produced by the following colours:

  • Blue is well-known for bringing stability and peace to your space, aspects that will help you focus on your assignment.

  • Green is perfect if your responsibilities are highly repetitive, this colour does not cause any visual fatigue and is pleasant enough to keep your brain active throughout the day.

  • Yellow should prevail if your responsibilities are all about creativity! According to experts, this colour stimulates your brain and imagination.

  • Red keeps you awake and active when performing your duties, meaning you’ll get even more stuff done!

4. Lighting up your space. Employees usually don’t have any control over the direct and indirect lightning that surrounds their desk. However, some arrangements can be done to provide you with a good enough lighting that will keep you active. For example, you could get an articulated desk lamp to adjust the direction of the light so it points towards your desk.

5. Visualize. Display a picture that brings you joy, it can be the destination of your dream, your son’s portrait, a party you went to, whatever that is capable of making you smile and disconnect momentarily from your daily routine.

6. Add a plant to your desk. In addition to giving a fine touch to your décor, plants also work as a filter for better air quality.

Furthermore, among the advantages of adding a plant to your workplace, there is the fact that it helps you focus, and, therefore, boosts your productivity! Not only do plants have a positive impact on your professional life, research also showed they’re likely to increase your overall happiness.

An office should distinguish itself for being pleasant, since it is the place where an individual spends the major part of his/her day. Hence, it should be attractive, appealing and capable of igniting your productivity and creativity.

Yajaira Martínez/NEUVOO
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