Attracting Millennials: 5 Benefits That Will Reel Them Right In

Attracting Millennials
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If you’re in the recruitment business, you probably already know millennials are all the rage now when it comes to new, fresh talent. Soon to take the baton from Gen X and baby boomers, millennials have established a new set of rules in the workplace, sometimes even leaving recruiters a bit out of sorts when it comes to traditional job offers and hiring processes.

The benefits that attracted the best talent 10 or even 15 years ago are not the same as the ones used today in recruitment. Millennials want more from their jobs than just a salary, a desk, and a 9-to-5 schedule, and if they are able to get it, they will probably be the best employees you’ve ever had—sincerely, a millennial. But more benefits? More independence? More perks? What does this generation want? Here are some of the things millennials want to hear from you to give you a big, fat yes to your proposal:

1. Flexibility: The typical 9-to-5 schedule has been going more and more out of style with each passing year. The newer generations prefer not to be tied to a tight working schedule; instead, they prefer working from home once or twice a week or having flexible hours. Allowing your employees to make up their own schedules or to work remotely a couple of days a week will bring more benefits to the company than you will ever imagine. You will have a happy and satisfied workforce at your disposition that will definitely get the work done, even if it is in their own time.

However, flexibility is not for everyone, neither is remote work, and we’re talking company-wise here as well. So, once you’ve thoroughly analyzed your options, make sure to let new and potential hire know. After all, there’s nothing more attractive for a millennial than being able to manage their own time.

2. Continuous education and growth: One of the things that best characterizes millennials is their willingness to learn and progress, so your company should always strive to provide this option. Implementing training programs or offering to pay for further education and courses will allow you to attract millennials in no time. Moreover, always leave the door open to potential promotions and be very clear about that point during the hiring process, but only if it’s an actual possibility; making false promises will get you nowhere with candidates.

Continuously educating your staff is not only a great gain for employees, but also an enormous advantage for the company. Not only will it keep your staff motivated, but it will make them better at what they do, allowing them to grow inside the company.

3. Health and fitness: The age of self-care has arrived, and millennials are here to lead it. Being exceptionally more worried about their well-being than the previous generation, a great perk millennials even expect their employers to offer right off the bat is a paid gym membership. Some companies have even gone the extra mile as to offer Fitbits to their employees and carry out competitions to keep them motivated.

However, if you want to keep it more traditional, offering health insurance as part of the package can also go a long way with millennials.

4. Fun spaces and unique perks: While previous generations are all about cold, hard cash, millennials prefer something a bit more original. This generation likes to be acknowledged and appreciated, and since paying the same salary to everyone doesn’t involve much effort, they’d rather have other benefits. From recreation rooms, free snacks, pet-friendly offices, open spaces, subsided parking space to special group activities, going to off-site company events, and every other unique perk you can imagine, millennials are all about different and unusual benefits. If you treat your staff as family, millennials will fit right in and probably never leave.

5. Keep them engaged: Whether it’s millennials or any other type of candidate, EVP has to be present not only after the actual hiring, but during the recruitment process as well. If you want to attract a specific kind of candidate, your EVP needs to be as accurate and as customized to your audience as possible. In the case of millennials, your offer needs to include flexible hours, a relaxed dress code, opportunities to grow, and an agile work environment. When you’re able to offer future employees a deal that not only consistently reflects who you are as an employer, but that resonates with the exact candidates with whom you want to communicate, we assure you they won’t be able to say no to you.

Once you’ve attracted millennial employees with your offer, you will need to make an effort to keep them in the company. Did you know that only 29% of millennials feel engaged in the workplace? That means a whopping 61% of millennials don’t feel connected—neither emotionally nor behaviorally—to the job or the company.

In order to keep a millennial excited about their job, they need to feel they have a purpose, that they are needed, and that you can rely on them. Supporting their outside activities, giving them the chance to lead a project, making them feel part of the team, asking for their opinion, and incentivizing them will definitely keep your millennial crew engaged with the company.

Now you’re all set to reel in those millennials! And remember, if you play your cards right, the catch will be out of this world.

Vanessa Fardi
Digital Copy Editor