How to Become a Great Leader in the Workplace

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After years of effort, invested time, experiences, and more, we’re finally where we want to be. And even though we might feel proud about ourselves and we’re definitely happy, the time has come to think about someone, or rather some “ones”, other than ourselves: we’re now officially in charge of a group of employees.

Supervising an entire team is no easy job, that’s why it probably took you so long to get to this position. Besides, being the boss comes with its own baggage. How can you earn the respect of your employees? How can you supervise the activities of a whole team while managing to do your job at the same time? Do you want to be a cool boss or a scary boss?

How about not being a boss at all? How about becoming the greatest leader you can be? By having a positive attitude and being proactive you will definitely be able to create an excellent work atmosphere; however, there are certain patterns you might want to avoid:

  • The “me, me, me” boss:

  • How to avoid it: Even though you’re there to provide guidance to your team, they must also know you’re willing to take their opinions into account. Imposing yourself and your opinions is not the way to go.
    Try: Listening to what the team has to say and receiving some feedback will help you advance on your project and add to your initial idea. Let them know their input matters, what’s there to lose?

  • The “I’m the king of the world” boss:

  • How to avoid it: Even though you’re in charge and you might have more experience than the members on your team, it’s important to stay humble.
    Try: Treating your employees with respect at all times and valuing their effort and hard work. They will appreciate your positive feedback and will probably work harder on the next project. Remember the world, or your team, doesn’t revolve around you, it requires the effort of all the members to accomplish the company’s goals.

  • The “credit-taker” boss:

  • How to avoid it: As part of a team, you need to take into consideration not only what you will gain from accomplishing a goal, but what that will bring to the team.
    Try: Not taking the whole credit for a job well done. When your team knows they’ve done something to make the company grow or to achieve an important goal, some kind of recognition will definitely go a long way with them.

    Being a boss implies getting things done, but being a leader also means getting to empower and motivate all the members of your team. Instead of pointing out a mistake someone made, help your team member understand what they did wrong and offer support when they attempt to fix it. Don’t just give them things to do and boss them around; get in there, roll up your sleeves, and work as a real team. Trust that they will do a great job, help them when they’re in need, and celebrate your achievements together. This way, you’ll definitely be able to become a great leader.

    Vanessa Fardi / NEUVOO
    Online Content Editor