What to do if your employees start dating?


It’s February, and love is in the air. But just because we’re a bunch of hopeless romantics it doesn’t mean that we’re not serious about protecting your business and helping it grow. Today we’re talking about what to do when your employees start dating each other. The first thing you need to know is that establishing a romantic relationship with a coworker is a very personal decision. Lots of workers prefer to keep their professional and personal lives separate, but that’s not alway...

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The secret to managing today’s workforce: Age

Multi-aged workforce

Nowadays, employees are as diverse as they can get. Thinking beyond skills, race and gender, up to five different generations coexist in today’s market, which has an impact on the way we manage workers and how we accommodate to their needs. In times in which diversity is so important, age is a demographic that needs to be taken into account because it will determine the way you manage your employees and satisfy their needs. But despite the false beliefs on which you base your t...

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Skill diversity: Leveraging differences to become a better team

skills diversity

Diversity is a common topic nowadays. In a world marked by globalization and finding strength in our differences, it has become the star of many headlines in the media. This concept has come into the spotlight with topics related to key characteristics like race, ethnicity, disabilities, gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation. However, diversity not only has a social impact on the way we interact with one another at the workplace by brandishing the values of respect and tol...

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