Spot the liar: How to deal with an employee who constantly calls in sick

Spot the liar

Missing work because of a sudden flu epidemic before a long weekend, food poisoning next Friday morning, or an unexpected fever on Monday after a much-talked-about coworker’s wedding –Either your very sensitive employee needs to run to the doc ASAP because they have a seriously deficient immune system, or your fellow worker is hiding something. Why is it so important to address the matter? Sure, people do get sick. Especially between seasons and during epidemics, but these things d...

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Top Wellbeing Trends to Boost Productivity

Wellbeing Trends

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed how workers’ wellbeing has become a fundamental part of business success. It’s now common to develop practices that promote mental health and general wellbeing to fight stress, anxiety, and exhaustion in the workplace. But in case you haven’t heard of them, here are some of the most popular practices HR departments are using: Focusing on every individual’s wellbeing Implementing a standardized wellbeing program that treats every worker ...

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Talent Management Practices that Will Make You Succeed

Talent Management

There’s no doubt companies want to become “the best place to work” and build a strong brand that attracts top candidates like bees to honey. But, how can they achieve that and keep those workers motivated to do their best? By developing a talent management strategy. What is talent management? Talent management involves the whole company in the process of hiring, training and retaining top employees. It’s commonly associated to HR Management but its application is actually in the...

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Business Crossroad: Recruiting or Becoming Partners

Business Crossroad

If you have reached this point, congratulations are in order. This means your business journey has been a successful and promising one. However, there is one question you never consider until you find yourself in this crossroad: should you expand your workforce or trust your best employee as a company partner? Considering the idea of a partnership can lead you to make one of the hardest choices of your professional career, marking a turning point in your road to success. Sadly, we cannot tell y...

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Using Social Media to Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Social media

When the words Brand Ambassador come up, the first thought in most people’s mind is of someone who stands behind a company and boosts its image, at the same time they profit from promoting it. That’s true in many cases, but some companies have realized the benefits of making Brand Ambassadors out of their own employees. Hiring an external agent to be the face of the company may be a good option for some, but the truth is that no outsourced professional will know a company as its own people....

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