Seize the Right Talent at Your Fingertips

talent pool

Are you surfing the pipeline with ease, or crashing into the rocks of talent shortage? With unemployment rate consistently hitting low numbers, the global candidate pool is becoming smaller, and finding the right talent has consequently become a bigger challenge for businesses around the globe. There are many ways out there that companies can use to

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Key Elements to Include on Your Career Site

key elements

Have you ever visited a company’s website for whatever reason and something there makes you say I wish I could work there. This is the main function of a career site, a place where you post whatever vacancies you may have at the moment, for people that wander into your website for whatever reason. Making a good career site can be a little tricky; they don’t directly attract candidates the way a job board or aggregator does, but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful. When a potenti...

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When Are Creative Job Titles Not Welcome?

Downside of job titles

Job titles can have a major impact on job seekers and your workforce. They can help candidates impress recruiters by showcasing skills and responsibilities from previous jobs using meaningful keywords in their titles (such as director, manager or expert) Not to mention job titles are also an efficient way to empower your workforce and boost their morale. It’s clear there are many benefits to creative job titles… but every path has its puddle! The “Dark Side” of Job Titles When ...

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3 Ways People Analytics Can Help You Manage Your Workforce

ppl analytics

Nowadays, recruiters and HR specialists have an outstanding amount of data and analytics tools at their disposal and just like marketing managers can track their consumers’ habits, recruiters can know almost everything there’s to know about their candidates and employees behaviors. They can track the traffic they receive on their job postings to know where the candidates come from, how much time they spend on the website, and how many of them actually applied to their jobs. But what are t...

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Why Your EVP Might Be Failing

evp fail

If you’ve been following our recent posts, you’ll know that one of the latest and hottest trends among recruiters right now is Employer Value Proposition (EVP), which basically encompasses everything that you as an employer should offer your workers in terms of benefits, values, and culture, besides their basic salary. The idea is that by using a good or strong EVP, companies can attract a broader spectrum of candidates to help them win the Read the full article»