Perfect Attendance: Taking Your Workforce Back to School

Employee training

School supplies, books, and last-minute shopping. Oh, the hassle of back-to-school season: Parents become pros at managing time balancing work and personal life, fighting the dread of summertime sadness and still staying at the top of their game. Sure, when we think of this season it seems like it is all about the kids—but is it? Actually, it is about your workforce too. Yes, the same that promotes and respects your organization’s culture, that bonds in the feeling of camaraderie, a...

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How to Successfully Hire, Integrate, and Retain Working Parents

working parents

It’s time to go back to school! While most people come back from vacations and progressively return to their usual professional life, some people might be coming back from parental leave after the life-changing event of the birth of their child. They can be in two situations: retrieving the job they had before leaving or trying to start a new position. Either way, you might be left with a lot of questions and doubts regarding the way you should handle this situation. But fret not! Here are a...

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Biggest Pet Peeves Candidates Have About Recruiting

pet peeves 2

As recruiters, we often think about the things that we wish candidates would or wouldn’t do in order to facilitate our jobs. But today we’re going to be a little more empathic and try to see the other side of the coin. When we see a problem from another perspective than our own, we might find other completely different ways to fix them. These are some of the pet peeves that candidates have about recruiters or the recruitment process in general: 1. Outdated Job Posts: When a candidate...

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The Art Behind Turning Down Candidates


We have read hundreds of articles about how to get better candidates, how to attract them, how to write better job descriptions for them, and about every possible recruitment tip you can imagine; however, we ever hardly see anything about rejecting candidates, even though recruiters are bound to reject more applicants than to hire them during their entire careers. More often than not, candidates don’t even receive a call or email when they don’t get the job; and even if they do get a rejec...

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