Building a Strong EVP Based on Candidate Personas


Building a strong EVP isn’t a matter of just putting together an extravagant compendium of ingredients to attract any talent available. In order to tailor an employment deal that differentiates you from all your competitors and to drive in candidates that are the best fit for your company, your EVP needs to be as accurate and as customized to your audience as possible. This is the secret behind a unique employment proposition: to offer future employees a deal that not only consistently refle...

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Skills to Look for When Hiring a Remote Workforce

remote work

Recruiters are no strangers to hiring remote employees nowadays. With technological improvements made every day, working from home is becoming easier as we speak. Having a remote workforce can be very beneficial for a company, as it not only reduces costs, but it has also been proven that it can even increase employee productivity. However, not all good employees are actually great when it comes to working from home; there are some qualities to keep in mind when recruiting, interviewing, and h...

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Why Is Hiring Truck Drivers So Difficult?


Unless you work for a transportation company, you might find it a bit surprising to learn that hiring truck drivers is often an especially difficult task. To some people this may seem surprising, but the truth of the matter is that it is hard to find someone willing to go through everything truck drivers must endure. Being a truck driver is not only a thankless job, it is also physically demanding. Many people see it as just driving around the country. However, it is so much more than that. Tru...

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How to Hire Seasonal Employees for the Summer


Summertime is just around the corner and for some people that means sunny beaches and a good vacation, but for some others summer means one of the highest annual peaks for their business. During this time, many businesses expect a significant rise in activities, especially those in the retail and leisure sectors and, for that very reason, they require a larger workforce during that time. For the most part, “summer” or “seasonal” jobs are often temporary and targeted towards the younger ...

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