Job Search 101: Matching Your Résumé to the Job You Want


Nowadays, having a generic résumé is probably the worst mistake a job seeker can make. Similarly, sending out endless emails with the same résumé to apply for different positions comes in a close second. Lucky for you, there’s a simple solution and we want to share it with you: tailoring your résumé to the job you’re applying for. But wait a second, does that mean changing your résumé every time you apply for a job online? No one has time for that! Worry not, job seekers, we’re her...

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5 Deadly Mistakes People Make on Their Résumés


One of the things most people don’t learn in school is how to put together a good résumé. Our CV is such an essential and useful tool to present ourselves to potential employers and, in turn, get a job. Yet, most people don’t really know what should and shouldn’t be on their résumés. In many cases, people add information that they may consider relevant or necessary, but it turns out not to be. Most HR workers or recruiters spend about ten seconds looking at a résumé before deciding...

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Finding the Right Career: How to Make the Perfect Choice


Nowadays, there is a great level of competition in the labour market; mainly due to the fact that employer demands are increasing in terms of academic preparation, in addition to the range of professional options out there. Therefore, choosing the perfect career can be quite challenging for most students. Many young people are faced with this dilemma, especially those who are in senior year of high school, since they are only a step away from college and sometimes the fear of the unknown can be...

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Job Search 101: Using Social Media to Your Advantage


Nowadays, most people don’t print out their résumés since it’s already considered a thing of the past. Having a one-page résumé in a non-editable format is a great option. However, our social networks also need a lot of attention, as it is easier to find a job when you have an online profile. Even though we’re not going to use our social media to get a job, we should always be careful about what we post since, lately, companies are focusing on researching potential employees through th...

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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated in the Workplace


One of the most important things in running a good business is to keep your employees happy, making them feel they are truly a key part of the business. Employees at all levels already know that no one is indispensable, however, true leaders don’t show or tell their employees that they can easily be replaced. Remember most employees are likely to reflect and show how they feel about their jobs or company in the way they treat their clients and even their coworkers. Employee incentives are de...

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