Breaking Down Big Words for Rookies


If you have been following our blog, you will know that we have been addressing HR professionals and seasoned veterans in the latest entries, but we decided to dedicate today’s edition to the rookies. Whenever we find ourselves in a new job, it takes time to get used to its regular ups and downs. There’s no better preparation than getting our hands dirty and experiencing things first hand. But sometimes we still need a little help along the way. Therefore, in order to make the lives of new ...

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The 3 Most Important Trends to Watch Out for in 2018


According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 is going to be the year of the dog. And contrary to popular belief, if there’s one thing all dogs can do, no matter their age, is learn new tricks. The new year brings along exciting new things for professionals in many areas, including Human Resources and Recruitment. With that in mind, today we’re presenting the top 3 trends you need to watch out for in 2018. Machines Taking Over Well, not really, but they are becoming a crucial factor in the ...

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Highlights from 2017: The Most Sought-After Industries Around the World


It’s that time of the year again, we’re wrapping up 2017 and preparing ourselves for what the next year has in store for us. However, there is an old saying that goes a little something like those who don’t learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it, and so we believe it’s necessary to take a moment to look back on the highs and lows of 2017. To give our readers a sense of what 2017 was like, we’ve been digging up our data and compiling the most sought-after job fields of the year. ...

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How to Spot a Lie on a Résumé


It can’t be denied that the job market is now more competitive and fiercer than ever and many people are willing to fight tooth and nail for a position. That’s what leads 85% of candidates to lie on their résumés, according to HireRight’s 2017 Employment Screening Benchmark Report. Hiring managers know all too well the lengths some people are willing to go to just so they can get the job they want. Some people may cal...

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Hiring During the Holidays


The holiday season is here and the end of the year is getting closer every day. To many of us, the holidays are the perfect time of the year to relax and unwind. For those who work in an office, Q4 means closing statements, bringing the year to a wrap, and submitting yearly terms. However, most people don’t realize that the holiday season is one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year. As many of us go on vacation, we have a lot of free time to kill and spend money on; add holida...

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