Choose Wisely: Positive Effects of Job Titles on Your Workforce

Job title

“Who Are They? What Do They Do?” And Why Job Titles ARE Important and Beneficial CEO, VP, Executive Assistant, Assistant Manager ─ They may all seem like simple prefixes before an employee’s name, ready to be printed on their business card or on a LinkedIn profile to tell the world who they are and what they do, but are they really as accurate as they seem? Job titles are commonly associated with the position someone has in the structure of a company, where the...

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Key Tips to Acquiring Multilingual Talent


The world we live in just keeps getting smaller and smaller every day. We’ve talked a lot about many trends that are actively shaping the modern workplace and talent acquisition, but nothing comes close to globalization. One of the major aspects that comes with a company’s global growth is the need for a workforce capable of communicating effectively in more than just one language. But hiring bilingual people can be a tricky business, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. ...

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Social Media Strategies Every Recruiter Should Know

social media

Every social media platform is different and the way you use each one of them to advertise your job postings will greatly depend on its tools and features, along with the specific interests and intent of its users. So as a recruiter, your main goal is to know which platforms your talent pool frequents the most so you can successfully leverage social media as part of your recruitment strategy and hit the mark on making the best hire. Using Social Media to Boost Your Hiring Campaign Star...

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Attracting Millennials: 5 Benefits That Will Reel Them Right In

Attracting Millennials

If you’re in the recruitment business, you probably already know millennials are all the rage now when it comes to new, fresh talent. Soon to take the baton from Gen X and baby boomers, millennials have established a new set of rules in the workplace, sometimes even leaving recruiters a bit out of sorts when it comes to traditional job offers and hiring processes. The benefits that attracted the best talent 10 or even 15 years ago are not the same as the ones used today in recruitment. Mill...

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