Are We Living in a Passive Candidate Era?


Have you ever experienced the famous “now that you’re taken, you’re more attractive to me and NOW I want you” drama? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this doesn’t only apply to your love life. People tend to want what they can’t have, it’s in their nature, and recruiters are no exception. This strategy has been applied in the recruiting world for a long time now. Looking to hire someone who already has a job isn’t an easy task, so why do recruiters like to chase pa...

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The Importance of Providing (And Asking for) Feedback


Hiring new talent has become something completely different from what it used to be. In a market where candidates have the power and their talent is like gold, companies are going out of their ways to find new strategies and techniques to attract them. If there is one tactic that is proving quite effective is treating candidates as customers. Companies have begun to realize that in order to bring in the best candidates, they need to Read the full article»

Mapping out the Candidate’s Journey: How to Engage Them From Beginning to End

Candidate's Journey

We already know how important it is for an organization to offer candidates a positive recruitment experience, but have you ever stopped and wondered how the whole process is actually like for the candidates themselves? The journey candidates take when job hunting is very similar to the one customers go through when looking to purchase a product or a service. Just as customers assess and weigh all options from different sellers before actually deciding to buy, candidates go through several sta...

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Employee Advocacy: The Next Big Move for Your Company?


It’s something you’ve probably heard of before in a meeting or a conversation at work, or might have read about online, but maybe didn’t really pay much attention to it. However, the time has come to give employee advocacy the attention it deserves. As an important step in building your employer brand, having your employees be ambassadors for your company will probably be ...

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Soft Skills: What Are They and Why They’re So Important


Since ancient times, recruiters and hiring managers have dedicated their attention solely to candidates’ hard skills, basically ignoring soft skills. But why does this happen? Is one really more important than the other? Why do recruiters cringe at the idea of good communication skills, but love hearing about how many diplomas a person has? To go further into the subject, we need to refresh some of the basics first. Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills Let’s start with hard skills sin...

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