What Recruiters Should Know About Mobile-Friendly Sites

mobile friendly

Online recruitment is at a boom right now. All HR professionals know that the days of printing ads in newspapers and receiving written applications from candidates are gone. It’s safe to say that nearly 100% percent of job seekers use either job boards or job aggregators when searching for an opportunity. It seems clear then that creating engaging websites that are also easy to navigate, is a top priority for companies hoping to attract the best talent out there. Statistics show that

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Is Automation Really Threatening HR Professionals?


It might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie or a crazy conspiracy. But did you know that most workers see automation in their respective fields as something to be worried about? Who could blame them? After all, the mere idea of a robot leaving you without a job is nothing short of terrifying. And don’t be fooled, automation in HR is happening as we speak! The main reason people are so afraid of robots taking over their jobs is the lack of information. It’s only natural to fea...

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The Unexpected Ways Recruiting Is Like Dating


How many times have you heard either from a friend, a parent, or a coworker not to mix your professional and romantic lives? We’ve grown to believe that these two aspects of our lives must remain separate from one another at all times, but that isn’t necessarily true, especially for recruiters. Have you ever taken the time to really analyze how similar recruiting is to dating? Think about it for a second. Dating and recruiting are all about finding the right person that fits your needs. It ...

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6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Employees Motivated


One of the most important things in running a good business is to keep your employees happy, making them feel they are truly a key part of the business. Employees at all levels already know that no one is indispensable, however, true leaders don’t show or tell their employees that they can easily be replaced. Remember most employees are likely to reflect and show how they feel about their jobs or company in the way they treat their clients and even their coworkers. Employee incentives are de...

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How to Get the Best Out of Your Networking Experience

How to Get the Best out of your Networking Experience

The Basics Even though we’ve seen the word a million times in articles, magazines, blogs, and even Facebook, it is very likely to miss the mark on what “Networking” actually means. Networking entails a great deal of research, gathering of information, staying up-to-date, and interaction with the industry’s most relevant professionals in order to liaise with the appropriate people. The main idea while networking is to make new contacts with the objective of forming mutuall...

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