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Are you surfing the pipeline with ease, or crashing into the rocks of talent shortage? With unemployment rate consistently hitting low numbers, the global candidate pool is becoming smaller, and finding the right talent has consequently become a bigger challenge for businesses around the globe.

There are many ways out there that companies can use to attract candidates by using their brand and following inbound recruiting trends, but these strategies seem to fall short when looking for the appropriate candidate for positions that have increasingly become more unique and that require and specific skillset. As a result, talent acquisition has gained on traditional recruitment caused by the need to take a more proactive approach that enables businesses to strategically engage potential talent, rather than having reactive response to vacancies that open in time.

However, in order to successfully ride the wave of talent acquisition, we need to understand that the majority of the labor pool is composed by passive candidates, which is why companies need to know the importance of sourcing and engaging candidates when building their own talent pools. But, what exactly is a talent pool?

A talent pool is a database of all the relevant applicants that have ever applied or reached out to you with the intention of joining your company. Look at this data as your reserve force of top-notch candidates that you keep as your secret source of talent, and that you can go to when the need to hire arises. This tactic allows you to recruit “in advance” saving you time and money and ensuring quality-of-hire.

All you need to build an effective talent pool is to track all quality candidates that you get in contact with. Whether it is through sourcing, referrals, inbound, career sites, social media, or job fairs, what matters is engaging these candidates successfully in their journey by establishing a long-term relationship with them for future opportunities and get them in the pipeline.

You can also expand your data by interacting with segmented talent communities in search for more specific skillsets or common values. These communities are available on different platforms (LinkedIn, Tribepad, Facebook pages, etc.) in which both job seekers and employees of different companies can interact and share content of common interest, corporate culture, work experience and a broad insight on your company and those of your competitors. So not only do you have access to the best candidates, but also intel on your own corporate reputation.

However, you don´t need to outsource your candidates from external communities. If your company has its own ATS, CRM or job alert system you can migrate your contacts and offer them access to relevant information about your employer branding as well as the latest news and job posts in your organization through your own talent network.

The search for the best candidates is a challenge, not only because of the shortage of talent or the rough competition trying to lure them away from you. The rise of new trends, technology, and generational behavioral traits (such as the millennials) ask for more than traditional recruiting strategies and lead toward building strong and lasting relationships with both candidates and employees alike. The balance of talent acquisition lies on a proactive search of high-quality talent and building a long-lasting relationship nurtured by identifying leaders, generating content, and mentoring that empowers your talent and benefits your company. Don’t just sit and wait for it, take the initiative and go get the talent that you need to be the best.

Grace Cattini
Online Copy & Content Writer