Talent Acquisition: So Much More than Just an Entry-Level Position

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In the world of Human Resources and recruitment, talent acquisition (TA) has been slightly–if not completely–overlooked and dismissed for years. Being considered as just an entry-level position for HR professionals since the beginning, the world hasn’t given TA the real attention and importance it deserves. And it is really so much more than that; talent acquisition is not only crucial for a company, but it could also take you on an incredible career journey if you’re willing to give it a chance.

Going the Extra Mile

It’s a fact that most HR professionals, if not all, don’t aspire to make a career out of TA. Why? Because there’s a very common misconception about this profession in the HR industry: talent acquisition is a mere entry-level job; just a warm-up that will lead them to other positions such as industrial relations and HR management. TA shouldn’t be under HR’s direction, it should be its own department, and we’ll prove it to you.

Unlike recruiting, talent acquisition goes way beyond the hiring process. It implies attracting potential candidates; locating future hires from all kinds of different sources; keeping a good relationship with candidates that didn’t go all the way through in order to consider them for future opportunities; keeping their candidate pools ready to go; and actually hiring new employees.Talent acquisition doesn’t only mean finding a candidate and hiring qualified people; these professionals always have to go the extra mile in order to land that perfect hire that, hopefully, turns out to be the next Steve Jobs. And even when they find the perfect employee, their work is still not done. TA also involves analyzing all the tools, all the strategies, and all the results to be able to evaluate what they did right and what went wrong, if that’s the case.

TA Isn’t Just about Recruitment

Yes, HR professionals might have all the technical knowledge down, but they are lacking the business acumen, a sales background, and marketing skills talent acquisition demands. Marketing and sales? What’s that got to do with the recruitment process? Glad you asked. These skills are fundamental to the process, especially now that we’re experiencing a candidate market. A talent acquisition expert must sell the position and the company to the candidate in such a way they won’t be able to say no to the offer. Moreover, they need to convince the company that who they found is the right fit for the job.

Besides all the technical knowledge that should be involved in the process (ATS, SEO, SEM, etc.), professionals in talent acquisition need to be able to highlight all the positive aspects of both the company and the position; to attract, engage, and negotiate with the candidate; to come up with marketing campaigns focused on developing employer brand; and to find that perfect fit for the company, no matter where they have to search. Furthermore, someone who understands client experience will most likely provide a better candidate experience, that’s why having a sales/business background is so important in talent acquisition.

Remember these professionals are the first point of contact between the company and the candidate, so they need to make a great first impression. By building a relationship with future hires, TA professionals will be able to understand them, thus, they will know exactly what tools and strategies to apply in each case.

Convinced Yet?

A company is just a bunch of empty chairs and desks without its people, these people are what makes a company, and guess who’s partly in charge of putting them there? Talent acquisition models an organization by providing great talent. As a TA professional, you can go from filling roles at junior levels to educating and actually influencing an organization about hires and good candidates once you become a more seasoned professional. This is what makes talent acquisition crucial in a company and that’s why it should be given the importance it deserves, not be tossed aside after a year or two in the position.

Vanessa Fardi
Digital Copy Editor