Social Media Strategies Every Recruiter Should Know

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Every social media platform is different and the way you use each one of them to advertise your job postings will greatly depend on its tools and features, along with the specific interests and intent of its users. So as a recruiter, your main goal is to know which platforms your talent pool frequents the most so you can successfully leverage social media as part of your recruitment strategy and hit the mark on making the best hire.

Using Social Media to Boost Your Hiring Campaign

Starting with LinkedIn, the go-to option when it comes to putting together a solid recruitment strategy since it is a professional platform by default. Let’s start with making the best out of all that LinkedIn has to offer by building a broad network of candidates, peers, and experts from different industries of interest and to advertise job opportunities–after all, that ’s the main reason why people go there!

Showcasing the company’s full profile and keeping your job openings updated will help you establish a strong employer branding and a consistent online presence that’ll help you connect with a new workforce.

Now, when it comes to Twitter, users have a different purpose: they are after the latest developments and the freshest pieces of news out there, which makes it the right tool to promote your latest job postings and to offer your followers trendy content in real time. Make sure you take advantage of trendy hashtags (while remaining relevant!), so you can connect with new audiences and increase your chances of engaging as many suitable candidates as possible.

Broadening Your Scope

But, there have been some cases where making the most out of the tools these platforms have to offer, just wasn’t enough. That’s why more than a few industries have felt the necessity to step up their game and use social media platforms in ways never thought before in order to stand out and attract the best talent.

Take Pinterest, for example. Many employers have turned to this less conventional social platform and its visual displaying features to awaken creative candidates’ interest in out-of-the-box job advertising strategies. You can create different boards with your company’s logo and the respective titles that showcase the industry and the different departments you’re recruiting for, as well as having boards especially dedicated to posting CVs with a creative and eye-catching design.

Some other creative way to put Pinterest to good use is to have a board for every job opening your company wants to advertise. Create several boards that organize all the different jobs available by positions or category, personalize them with the appropriate hashtags, keywords, and images, and don’t forget to add the link to the job listing’s original page.

Another less common network that is being used for recruitment is Snapchat. In need of a new strategy to attract Gen Z to their workforce, McDonald’s Australia (known locally as Macca’s) released a new filter that gave candidates the opportunity to record a 10-second video “wearing” the company’s distinctive uniform before being redirected to a webpage where they could fill their application form, and engaging them in a modern, creative and simple way. A great idea to get the younger candidates’ attention and that is sure to make your company stand out and target specific talent niches.

There are some other innovative techniques that can help you give your hiring campaign an extra kick and strengthen your digital strategy, such as Geo Fencing. This tool will allow you to advertise any service on mobile apps and websites to target mobile users that are near your set-up locations–neighborhoods, colleges, subway areas, etc. For example, if you’re interested in attracting freshly graduated professionals for entry-level positions, you can use Geo-Fencing to run an ad campaign of your entry-level openings in a radius that includes the most outstanding colleges, higher education institutes, and universities. This way, you’ll be able to reach a specific target audience in the right locations and share job opportunities with them, and practical content that has a real influence on their careers and professional choices.

Capitalize Social Media to its Fullest

The use of social media has become more than essential in the recruitment world, and it’s not only due to its popularity. These platforms help employers to be more transparent, approachable, and relatable. Additionally, leveraging social media will not only help companies achieve their purpose, but it will also allow them to innovate and keep up with the modern recruitment world.

Nany Indriago
Content Marketing Strategist