Top Wellbeing Trends to Boost Productivity

Wellbeing Trends
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Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed how workers’ wellbeing has become a fundamental part of business success. It’s now common to develop practices that promote mental health and general wellbeing to fight stress, anxiety, and exhaustion in the workplace. But in case you haven’t heard of them, here are some of the most popular practices HR departments are using:

Focusing on every individual’s wellbeing

Implementing a standardized wellbeing program that treats every worker the same way is not the best approach when looking out for your employees’ best interests. Each individual faces different challenges in diverse contexts that need to be acknowledged before being able to offer helpful advice and provide a healthy working environment.

Give your workers the chance to release stress by participating in activities, events, and training sessions that adapt to their needs and make them feel comfortable dealing with their daily challenges. Make sure they know you care about them and it will reflect on their work.

There are different ways to help your employees to reduce stress or anxiety. Plan activities that involve movement like dancing classes, yoga or competitions where they can have fun and forget about pending projects (at least for an hour or two). Also, make sure they have enough time for lunch, and maybe even allow them to listen to music while working, organize gatherings in the office where they can bond with their colleagues and have a healthy snack.

Promoting mental health awareness

Don’t only focus on offering different fun and relaxing activities. Also make sure your employees know why those activities are taking place by setting up training sessions and campaigns that raise their awareness on the matter.

Invite experts on the area to give motivational talks and practical sessions that teach your workers how to deal with difficult situations. Show your employees how not to dive into worries and anxiety caused by the amount of work they have and teach them to respect their body and mind.

Better parental leave packages

In the past, parents were not considered good candidates because they had many things going on in their lives and would require special treatment at work. However, those companies that did hire candidates with children have realized that they can actually adapt to changes better, multitask, take care of their colleagues and the company and be more productive.

This is why, in order to benefit from these qualities that characterize working parents, you need to take care of their wellbeing and be more flexible about their time off. Offer them the possibility to enjoy some quality time with their loved ones. This will take some pressure off their shoulders and ensure they come back in a better mental, physical and emotional state, which will translate into higher motivation and better performance at work.

Include the “flexible-hour” culture

Parents are not the only ones that need extra time. Employees that need to commute long distances or have to deal with personal issues may also benefit from being allowed to work from home or having flexible schedules. Technology has changed the way we conceive of work, tearing down the walls and limitations of an office. In fact, studies show that some people can even be more productive when working from home.

Considering this option could be a win-win situation. Your employees can avoid the stress triggered by the traffic and chaos in their journey to work while saving time they can spend working on their assignments. These small changes can have great results in improving your team’s wellness and productivity.

The importance of promoting wellbeing in the workplace

Managing a business means developing strategies that will help you achieve your goals while taking into consideration the needs of the people who make it possible. Companies have already realized their employees are the key to success as they are the driving force that keeps their company growing.

Jennifer Soto
Creative Writer