Employee Engagement: How Can You Make People Stay at Your Company?

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Employee engagement has gained more importance over the years. Nowadays, it is one of the most pressing issues organizations must address to guarantee their success.

What exactly is employee engagement?

Employee engagement doesn’t necessarily mean employee happiness or satisfaction. It is about the emotional commitment an employee has for the company. Engaged employees care about their job and company. But how can you achieve this?

• Good communication

Taking the time to get to know your employees is vital . This way, you will get to know the people you hired, not just their skills and experience .

In fact, if you care about your employees’ personal life, you could develop tools and processes to make their work life easier, and to ensure their satisfaction and happiness. . For example, if an employee tells you they live very far from the office, you could offer them to work from home from time to time.

Feedback and synergy are also crucial. Providing your employees with insight will help them improve their performance. Try to build a bi-lateral communication system where employees can tell you what you should improve, and which practices are working well. This symbiosis will allow you to get a better understanding of their motivations and what they need to excel at their work.

Google understood this perfectly. To make their employees feel cared for, they designed a time practice in which employees could spend up to 20% of their weekly time at work on projects that inspire them. Through this approach, employees found what was actually meaningful to them, and were more motivated to do their work in the best possible way. All this resulted in amazing projects such as Gmail, Google News, AdSense, and many other highly profitable products—bringing success to a company while promoting employees’ engagement.

• Collaborative goal setting

People need to have a clear idea of the meaning behind of what they’re doing so they can care about it. A good way to show them how they could personally benefit from working for you is to set mutual goals. Getting input on what is important to your employees and what their personal and professional objectives are will allow you to design training programs that meet their expectations and grant them the skills they need to do their job efficiently.

• Build trust between employees and their managers

In order to build trust between employees and their managers, the latter should always try to align their words with their actions. This way, employees will believe in what they say, and they will have a better perception of the organization.

It’s also very important that the people you choose to be team leaders are good communicators. In fact, employees will always appreciate to be able to speak their mind freely , knowing that their opinion will be respected and taken into consideration. This will make your workforce more involved in their work because they know their manager cares about them.

However, don’t forget that trust is earned: show support and understanding for your employees, keep an open-door policy and don’t hesitate to help them when they are struggling. They will feel more confident and involved in a team if they know you got their back.

Final Thoughts

Employees need to know they matter to you: ask them for feedback, let them speak freely on matters that are important to them, and get to know their goals so that you can help them succeed. This way you will get your workforce emotionally involved with your organization and they will be less likely to leave you for another company.

Morgane Bergonzi
Communication and PR Manager