Empower the Women in Your Ranks

Women's day

International Women’s Day is a great time to celebrate the women in your workforce and inspire a push for more diversity overall. Hiring, appreciating and empowering women in your company is just all around good for business. Equal Opportunities for All Beginning with recruitment, it’s important to give equal opportunities to all during the selection process and this approach should continue into and throughout the ethos of your company. Supporting women and giving them the same ...

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HR: Worth their Payroll?

HR worth

Not having someone available to guide your workforce through their duties and needs can have severe consequences. From missing out on the best talent in the market to jeopardizing your performance, not taking care of the human side of your business can cripple even the biggest fish in the industry. (Your Company’s) Size doesn’t Matter Regardless of the size of your business, employe...

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How to Ensure Your Team’s Voice is Heard


Employees are focusing more on making the world a better place, whether starting in their own backyard, or even their workplace. Experts define this trend of raising awareness as the arrival of the age of purpose, one in which employees want and will make themselves be heard. Activism can be perceived as a taboo concept by those who feel the need to stay in control and worr...

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Personalizing Employee Experience: Recipe for Success

HR personalization

What would happen if you could turn your business into a customized experience for your employees? The last few years have been all about customer satisfaction through personalization. Companies like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify are designed to offer a selection of services and products that suit a consumer’s needs and preferences. But entertainment is not the only industry that has yielded to the need of tailoring experiences to the individual. Employees are bringing bigger expectations to t...

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Lead Your Team to Success by Promoting Personal Accountability

Accountability in the Workplace

No matter the size of the company, whether it’s a startup or an international corporation, none will ever succeed without the hard work of its people. Then, why is it that more than half of the U.S. workforce is unsatisfied with what they do or is ready to run for the hills whenever the next opportunity arises? Turns out, we’re all to blame. Many HR experts blame this turn of events ...

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