HR: Worth their Payroll?

HR worth
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Not having someone available to guide your workforce through their duties and needs can have severe consequences. From missing out on the best talent in the market to jeopardizing your performance, not taking care of the human side of your business can cripple even the biggest fish in the industry.

(Your Company’s) Size doesn’t Matter

Regardless of the size of your business, employees need to know who they can go to for advice, to know their rights and how to act in case of an issue, even when management fails them. In other words, HR’s role is to mentor and take care of your workforce. Alongside recruitment, HR is responsible for setting the foundations of any successful business and for taking care of the most valuable asset any company has: its workers.

However, the role HR plays in a company is often underestimated; it shouldn’t be. Our very own HR expert Evelyne Lafond says, “HR is like a business partner in the company, helping to propel the mission & vision forward and to create value by doing many activities to maximize the human potential of the organization.” If this means that your entire company is protected by default, then why not ensure that your human capital is well taken care of?

Compliance and Support

There are many scenarios in which HR plays a starring role in its quest for positive outcomes or solutions. Sensitive subjects such as complaints about workplace harassment, bullying and violence are HR’s domain. HR staff can support and intercede on a worker’s behalf as an unbiased party that will ensure the company’s actions are in compliance with regulations and the law.

Don’t think their only job is engaging in this “good cop, bad cop” game to decide on the best course of action. HR is also responsible for developing and promoting a company's core values and guaranteeing employee engagement and satisfaction.

More than Just the People

Having an HR department nowadays is not just a “nice thing to have” in your company, it represents the secret to staying competitive. HR experts hold all the knowledge needed to surf the talent pipeline and engage the best professionals in the market, thus leading to better business results.

Beyond ensuring a safe environment for your workforce, HR contributes tools and skills that can improve management, boost performance and ensure employee development and recognition. And not only that, it has also become synonymous with company growth and the main ingredient that nurtures the talent lifecycle.

Grace Cattini
Content Editor & Copywriter