10 Tips To Be The Best Recruiter In 2020

10 tips to be a great recruiter
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Recruitment is not an exact science; it takes time to learn and to master. There are no universal rules, or one size fits all techniques. It doesn’t matter if you already have some experience in the field or if you’re just starting your path, 2020 is coming and you better be prepared. Follow these tips to stay on top of your game in the upcoming year:

1- AI is the big star: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the HR world. This doesn’t mean it’s replacing recruiters, but AI can vastly improve their work. Automatizing some of the more time-consuming tasks like categorizing CVs and answering FAQs can save you time and money when looking for the most suitable candidates to interview.

2- Trust your skills: Companies want to seize the best talent and as a recruiter your job is to find it. But how are you going to achieve that if you don’t see yourself as the “best man” for the task? Confidence is something that managers and candidates can perceive from miles away. Being well prepared and knowing the business will be your best weapons to boost your confidence. Be careful, though. Do not blur the fine line between confident and cocky, that’s a step you don’t want to take.

3- Be unique: Employer branding will be one of the most important elements to succeed in 2020 and a decisive factor for candidates to choose you over your competitors. The identity of your organization and your differentiating factors will be the most attractive features candidates will look for.

4- Stay true to your values: Honesty and humility are the foundations of trust and the keys to building a good reputation and a solid brand.

5- Get inspired: Study the strategies of other entrepreneurs. Use benchmarking to discover the secrets behind their success and gather information to develop new recruiting techniques; it’s never too late to learn.

6- Learn to communicate appropriately: At this point, communication is one of the most important skills to succeed in the business world, and it’s key to understanding the new ways people interact in the recruitment market. In short, the better you connect with people the higher your chances are to be remembered by candidates.

7- Strengthen your soft skills: Adaptive skills, social intelligence and teamwork are some of the qualities you should look for in 2020 to recruit the best workforce. Educational background and experience are important, but you should look deeper. Having the most experienced people working for you will be irrelevant if they don’t know how to interact with customers and peers. Keep in mind that knowledge is easier to find than social intelligence.

8- Embrace new tools: Knowing how to properly handle your company’s data can give you great leverage when developing strategies to manage your workforce. The use of HR dashboards and other technologies will take your recruitment process to the next level by improving the way you asses your team’s performance.

9- Take the time to know your team: Data and KPI’s are important, but you shouldn’t rely solely on them when assessing your employees. Creating a deep connection with your workforce can make a great difference when it comes to building a team that will have your back through thick and thin.

10- Invest on candidate experience: Treat your candidates as customers and not as people begging for a job. From the moment you receive a CV to onboarding a new employee, people have to feel comfortable, otherwise the financial and time-consuming risk during the hiring process can increase significantly.

Wrapping it up

Talent acquisition keeps changing as time goes by and being prepared for the future means keeping up with the latest trends. Being confident about your brand, learning more about getting to know the specifics of your company’s industry market-specific recruitment and developing new employee management practices are just a few examples of how to stay relevant in the recruitment game.

Juliana Posada
Online Content Creator