How “Workations” Can Catapult Your Company to The Top.

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Bleisure traveling, workations or bizcations – these are some of the names given to the new tendency that companies are implementing to kick it up a nudge and make sure to keep up with the latest HR trends.

Truth is a lot people don’t take vacation time anymore because of heavy loads of work, the never-ending deadlines and, in some cases, the lack of regulatory laws on a minimum of rest days per year. However, everyone deserves to enjoy a little break once in a while, and you deserve to know how beneficial this can be to your company’s performance.

What exactly are Workations?

This is a relatively new term and it’s pretty much the action of combining business trips with vacation or leisure time. Let’s say you have to go visit some important clients in a foreign country. Don’t you think a long plane trip, running to a meeting room, going to your hotel room and back on the plane home in 2 days may be a bit too much to take?

This is where workations play an important role: adding one or even a few extra days to a business trip can significantly change the way employees perceive their job: it’s guaranteed to be a big energy recharger just by changing scenery while accomplishing professional goals.

Boosting your EVP to attract the MVP

You may have the best product in the market, but if your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is not clear , your company will not shine to its full potential and will struggle to attract the best talent in the market. The labor market gets more competitive by the day, and money is no longer the number one benefit to lure the best talent in, but workations are a great strategy that can tip the balance in your favor, especially if you are after the younger generations.

However, implementing new policies is not something you should rush into. You must make sure you have the necessary resources to include workations among your employee satisfaction strategies. Keeping your team happy will reflect on your KPIs and general performance because they will be motivated to work better and more efficiently.

Sky rocketing productivity

Usually, employees working at the office tend to procrastinate and take longer to close deals and complete tasks, but workations can help lower the chances of this happening significantly. Since employees know that while away they only have a limited time to close a deal or to talk face-to-face with an important client, employees will take this as a “one time opportunity” to make the best out of it, while knowing that once the deal is sealed they can celebrate it with a nice cocktail by the pool.

Final thoughts

In a modern world where people value their job as much as their time off, workations come as a perfect solution to find that balance. Technology has given companies the most important tool to make sure they stay active and connected without losing freedom.
Employees love to change scenery while they work and answering some mails at the beach is a small price to pay for the company, compared to losing your star employee because they got tired of working around-the-clock.

So next time you send one of your team members on a business trip reward them with one or two extra days to relax and celebrate his achievement. Normalizing workations may be the key to a happy and solid business.

Juliana Posada
Online Content Creator