How Promoting Digital Transformation Can Improve Your Company’s Performance.

Digital Transformation

This is the decade of data and a new era of leaders, who not only care about reaching goals and making the most money, but also about having loyal employees who trust them and their ideas while still being open to change. Since digitalization is such an important part of innovation in the 21st century, you need to make sure you know how to properly implement digital transformation into your business and teach your workforce the ropes of how technology can improve their performance. Why is ...

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5 Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Your Company in 2020

VR in Recruitment

In the 21st century, it’s impossible to talk about HR without wondering how new technologies will transform it. After all, over the last 15 years, automation has left a clear mark in the HR world with the implementation of innovative tools such as social media, AI, dashboards and analytics, just to name a few. However, there is one in particular that has been claiming territory lately: Virtual Reality (VR). The fast develop...

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EQ vs. IQ, Which One Is More Important in the Professional World?

Emotional Intelligence

Most people are familiar with the Intelligence Quotient (IQ), which has been used for decades to evaluate applicants for a certain position. But is technical knowledge the most important skill to look for in a candidate? In the last few years, another trait has held its own when it comes to decisive factors of the hiring process. Emotional intelligence (EQ) has proven to be essential to tell the best talen...

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10 Tips To Be The Best Recruiter In 2020

10 tips to be a great recruiter

Recruitment is not an exact science; it takes time to learn and to master. There are no universal rules, or one size fits all techniques. It doesn’t matter if you already have some experience in the field or if you’re just starting your path, 2020 is coming and you better be prepared. Follow these tips to stay on top of your game in the upcoming year: 1- AI is the big star: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the HR world. This doesn’t...

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How “Workations” Can Catapult Your Company to The Top.


Bleisure traveling, workations or bizcations – these are some of the names given to the new tendency that companies are implementing to kick it up a nudge and make sure to keep up with the latest HR trends. Truth is a lot people don’t take vacation time anymore because of heavy loads of work, the never-ending deadlines and, in some cases, the lack of regulatory laws on a minimum of rest days per year. However, everyone deserves to enjoy a little Read the full article»