Programmatic Advertising, The Next Step in the Recruitment Process

Programmatic Recruitment
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We have previously mentioned how the Talent Acquisition industry is constantly changing and adapting strategies to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and save time in recruitment. Which is why we would like to introduce you to the latest trend in the job market: programmatic advertising.

What is programmatic recruitment all about?

Using programmatic advertising in recruitment means trusting and relying on technology when it comes to job ad placement and optimization. This strategy makes use of algorithms, big data, targeted job ads, real-time bidding and campaign improvement, making it easier to decide where to post the ads to guarantee visibility and engagement, and in turn, making the recruitment process more efficient.

How exactly does it work?

Programmatic advertising follows a similar process to ATS when screening candidates that match the employer’s requirements. It screens posts with analogous requirements based on your CRM data, looking for the most efficient platform to bring more visibility and clicks, before automatically posting your ad there (in just a few seconds).

This means your post is published in the most successful site, helping you fill that position in less time and at a lower cost. With a pay-per-click policy, you’ll only pay for the number of clicks you get on your post, so if there are no clicks, there’s no cost.

How do I get those clicks?

Programmatic strategies also work with real-time bidding. In other words, the more you bid, the better positioned your job ad will be, thus the more clicks you get. Of course, thanks to the algorithms, these clicks will bring strong candidates.

So, based on how difficult a position is to fill or how fast you need to fill it, programmatic advertising decides where and how much to bid for job views. If an ad is getting too many clicks, the system will automatically stop sponsoring it, and assign more money to those with less visibility and lower click rate.

What about the people?

Don’t worry! They keep their jobs! The aim of programmatic strategies is not to replace human force, but to make their jobs easier and more efficient. In today’s competitive recruitment industry, you need to develop the best strategies to stay on top and guarantee the best hire. Programmatic advertising analyzes all the available data and makes changes to your strategy to optimize your campaigns and ensure you get better results.

But you still need someone to introduce the information, keywords, location, how many candidates are needed, etc. Also, although programmatic strategies are very efficient, you still need to monitor its performance. You’ll need to have a team that checks whether the posts are getting clicks or if there are already enough applicants so that the system is set to close those posts to avoid extra costs.

What are the benefits of programmatic recruitment?

With this strategy, you eliminate the need to figure out what’s the best place to post your ad, test different platforms and calculate spending. Algorithms will do the hard work and adapt your campaign to your needs so that you fill that position more promptly. All of which doesn’t always mean actually getting any applicants.

However, if you are looking for a few hires, programmatic strategies may not be necessary as they work better for high-volume hires, for positions that are difficult to fill or when you need someone urgently. Otherwise, there are other methods that can also be effective such as talent pools or referrals.

Take the time to think about your needs and give programmatic the chance to help you while your employees focus on other tasks to improve your recruitment process.

Jennifer Soto
Creative Writer