Recruiting Strategies that Companies with Franchisees Should Go For

Franchise Recruiting
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Recruiting committed, and motivated talent is a challenge for any company, but it’s more so for franchisors as they face all the common recruitment challenges (suitability, retention and turnover, time, money, etc.) added to the fact that their autonomous branches decisions can affect the whole company, if taken lightly.

Recruiting staff for a franchise is a make-or-break for companies; so, you need to know what strategies are available to you, to ensure a positive outcome for you and your franchisees.

1. Make joint decisions

As a franchisor, you know your goals, the kind of employee you’re looking for and what you are willing to offer to engage the right talent. However, your franchisee’s opinion on who could be the best fit for the role is important as they’re the ones who see their employees’ performance firsthand and know the specific needs of their branch. Take the time to analyze and discuss candidate experience and skill diversity together, so you make the right decision about those employees that will stay and make the company grow.

2. Use your own human capital

Look for strong and experienced candidates from other franchises of your company, they are already familiar with your culture and they know what the expectations and goals are. This way you can offer a promotion and the possibility of relocation to the strongest workers, who will respect the principles of the company and make it succeed. These experienced workers can also help you train newcomers, teaching them how the company operates and making sure everything is in line with the other franchisees.

3. Don’t rush into decisions

Although we’ve spoken about the importance of making decisions before other companies steal your candidates, with franchises you need to make sure you’re choosing the best fit. Otherwise, you risk having a high turnover rate that would represent a loss of time and money small businesses like franchises can’t afford when starting their operations. This is why you need to go beyond the standard procedures and research more about candidates. Check references, run more than one round of interviews and try to get a gasp of their personality to see how they would behave at work and how beneficial they could be for the franchise.

4. Trust recruitment agencies

Agencies can be of great help to find the right candidates as they have the experience, tools and contacts to make recruiting a lot easier. However, this doesn’t mean you will detach yourself completely from the process, as you need to make sure they understand what you’re looking for and the roles that need to be filled. You need to look for the right agency: try to find one that has worked with similar companies in the past as this experience will increase the chances of finding the right person.

5. Keep up with the latest recruitment trends

Remember everything’s changing quite fast nowadays and new recruitment trends arise in the blink of an eye. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends such as text recruiting, online interviewing, HR Dashboards and keep updating your recruitment strategy so that you don’t fall behind.

Final thoughts

Although some people may think recruiting is the same for all companies, there are some areas that are characteristic of certain businesses that require modifications to the recruitment strategy. For franchises, you need to work closely with your franchisees to agree on the terms that will benefit both parts taking into consideration the goals of the company. Take your time to look for the right candidate as this will help you paving the road to success from the start.

Jennifer Soto
Creative Writer