The Benefits of Including Testimonials in Your Job Posts

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When you’re about to try a new place to eat or to visit, the usual thing to do is go online and check for reviews and testimonials about the quality of the place. People are most likely to trust and visit a new place when they see that it has good appraisals from previous visitors or customers. In a sense, having access to this feedback decreases the risk of having a bad experience, and that is something that people value greatly.

Companies begin to realize these benefits, so many of them have chosen to add a testimonial page to their websites, in which customers can describe their overall experience in a few words that can be useful to future clients. So, why not transfer the same principle to recruitment?

Today, job seekers are looking for more than a paycheck. They care about things like benefits, workplace environment, flexible hours, growth opportunities, among many other perks. When looking for a new job, most job seekers do their homework before applying. They will investigate all about your company and if they find positive reviews from your existing employees, they are more likely to apply.

In the past, we have strongly emphasized the importance of treating your candidates the same way you’d treat your clients. It is the general concept of a big strategy that consists of three basic steps: attracting, engaging, and retaining top-notch talent. Adding testimonials to your job posts is an excellent way to boost the first of those three.

There is, however, one main issue that prevents some companies from taking on this initiative, and that is fear of getting bad reviews. If you’re browsing for a place to have dinner and you see a restaurant with terrible reviews, you’re certainly not going to give it a try, right? The same would happen with companies that get unfavorable reviews from their employees─ This is a resounding and absolute truth.

The point of having testimonials and reviews on your job posts is to give prospects an organic glimpse of what it’s going to be like when they join your team. This should come from the honest opinions of your existing employees. What people want is the truth, and they’re pretty good at sniffing out fabricated reviews.

Fear of getting bad reviews shouldn’t be an issue, provided that your company genuinely cares about its employees and their welfare. Employee satisfaction obviously plays a big role in the outcome of the reviews and it depends on things like benefits, perks, and the overall work experience.

Here’s a pill that is hard to swallow: it is impossible not to have a single bad review. That’s just the way it is. You can’t expect every single one of your employees to be 100% satisfied with you. What you can do is try to make sure positive reviews outnumber the negative ones.

The fact is that when a company really cares about employee satisfaction and happiness, it shows. As long as you don’t give your employees a reason to give you negative reviews online, they shouldn’t. Besides, if they really like their job and their workplace, there’s no reason for them to lie.

Treat your employees as you would your customers, and the effect will ripple out. Having great testimonials on your career site or on third-party job boards is an excellent way to attract new and fresh talent to your company.

Edu Rojas
Creative Writer