The importance of mutual mentoring in today’s market

Mutual Mentoring
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We’ve previously talked about the importance of age as a key demographic in the process of managing modern workforce. Moreover, there are ways to take advantage of this generational gap to boost your company’s growth and productivity.

Age difference should not be seen as an issue and it is definitely more than just learning how to get along and respect our opinions. It can also be the best opportunity to learn from one another through mutual mentoring.

Every rose has its thorn

Although generations don’t rely on each other enough to work in tandem at first, integration is key to guarantee professional success in your company. Promoting a good and strong relationship based on respect and humility will help you build a pipeline of knowledge that will make your team the best and all you ever dreamed of.

Older generations have acquired skills through hard work and years of trial and error that have made them stronger and wiser. However, they’ve been struggling a bit when paired up with younger peeps because they feel as if they were speaking “another language”; and in some way they do.

Younger workers have developed a proficiency in Digital Intelligence that naturally surpasses whatever expertise their seniors have simply because they were literally born into it. This knack for new technologies has lead them to gain power and earn top management positions in several companies around the globe ─ in fact, according to Chip Conley 40% of workers in the USA have a boss younger than them.

This can make the more mature fellows feel “threatened” and puts a lot of pressure on younger gens to “microwave” their knowledge in less time than they had for themselves. It can damage the way they interact with each other and affect your company’s performance.

How to handle a multi-generational workforce

The best way to approach this age gap and variety of skills is to understand that everyone can learn from someone else, regardless of their age. Elders are as much interns as mentors. They should not be seen as a liability in this technocratic world, but as an asset that will give your company a broader perspective.

Let’s face it, no generation has experienced the same façade of the professional world. Which is why the first step into succeeding at it is mutual mentoring. Being open to learn from one another can create a feedback loop from which everyone can acquire skills and wisdom that would not be at their reach otherwise.

Instead of being scared or rejecting each other, generations should build a strong bond based on a shared economy of wisdom. This will improve your company’s productivity, feedback speed, broaden your perspective, and offer solutions that you wouldn’t have reached or even thought of without such a versatile team.

Impact beyond the workplace

By promoting integration among your multi-aged employees not only will you have a stronger team, but you will also portray an image of inclusion and skill diversity that can be very appealing when looking to attract new candidates. This type of forward-thinking management will facilitate creative thinking and improve communication by bringing together baby boomers, gen z and all there is in between.

New generations will help you keep up with disruptive technologies, globalization, trends, and fast paced labor market, but if you mix this with the wisdom and experience of mentors, you can be sure that success is your future. So, ask yourself: is age really just a number?

Grace Cattini
Online Copy & Content Writer