The Art of Saying Thank You

The art of saying thank you
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Investing in your employees is a fundamental factor if you want to take your company to the top. Organizations are spending around 2% of their revenue on employees’ recognition, usually spent on plates or trophies to reward people for their loyalty to the company.

However, an award might not be the best form of recognition for their hard work and it probably won’t have any impact on the final performance of your company. Implementing recognition programs can be a great way to make your team feel valued and special. So, if you’re looking to innovate in the way you acknowledge your employees’ hard work, here are some creative ways to do so.

Why is recognition so important?

Developing a strong corporate culture is essential when it comes to keeping your employees motivated.

Having the approval of your manager is nice, but nothing feels better than being encouraged and supported by your own teammates. They know exactly what you go through every day.

The secret is to show your employees public recognition as soon as you can—the sooner the better. This will improve their self-esteem and reinforce their sense of belonging. It’ll also strengthen relationships inside the office which will reflect on company performance.

Good experiences last forever

Cash bonuses are surely welcome, but you can also show your gratitude by putting some extra effort into rewarding them for their achievements. Of course, everybody is different so don’t hesitate to ask for input to learn how they’d like to be rewarded.

Experiences are always a good way to make your workforce remember why they work for you. Some of the most popular rewards you can give them, include romantic getaways with their loved ones, skydiving, recording their favorite song in a professional studio or even becoming James Bond for a whole day. The sky is the limit for your team to have the time of their lives. Get inspired and you’ll see the results in no time in your organization.

No money? No problem…

You don’t have to be Bill Gates to show appreciation. There are some very interesting things you can do for free. Letting your star employee use the CEO ’s office for a day or allowing them to park at a special spot can make them feel empowered and valued. Don’t underestimate breaks either. Giving them a day off or the possibility to work from home for a few days are also great ways to pamper your most loyal workers.

Communicate to engage

The fact that people who feel happy and important at work are more willing to help the organization grow should come as no surprise. It’s really important to have open communication with your team so they are aware of your company’s goals and values and they can act accordingly in order to earn that recognition.

Final thoughts

Providing a job and a steady income is not enough to keep employees motivated. People want to feel like they matter. Money is no longer the number one priority to ensure employee retention. It has been replaced by a positive work environment and recognition.

From letting your team vote for the employee of the month to putting their name in your newsletter, an act of recognition can make the difference and inspire your workers to thrive. Remember, budget is not an excuse not to thank your team for a job well done.

Juliana Posada
Online Content Creator